Программа постдоков в международном институте прикладного системного анализа - ИИАСА

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IIASA Postdoctoral Fellowships

IIASA located in Schloss Laxenburg near Vienna, Austria, provides full funding for a number of postdoctoral researchers each year. Scholars conduct their own research on topics closely related to one or more projects on IIASA's agenda.

Applications are accepted continually. Review and selection of scholars occur twice yearly, in May and December. Postdoctoral positions are of up to 2 years’ duration, and can begin up to 6 months after selection.

What is IIASA? 

IIASA is an international institute engaged in scientific research that aims to provide support for policymakers on issues of importance in the following global problem areas:

IIASA’s research comes under the following programs:

IIASA has four flagship projects:

We strongly encourage communication with relevant program representatives at the earliest possible stage, and before submitting an application.
General Questions: pdocinfo@iiasa.ac.at 

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