Muravyev Anton

Senior researcher
+7(495) 125-90-11
muraviev [at]
Glaciology Department

Research interests

Glaciology, fluctuations of mountain glaciers, geodetic mass balance, specificity of active volcanoes glaciation

Study areas

Kamchatka, Polar Ural, Svalbard, Caucasus, Altai

Selected Publications

  1. Khromova T.Y., Nosenko G.A., Glazovsky A.F., Muraviev A.Y., Nikitin S.A., Lavrentiev I.I. New Inventory of the Russian glaciers based on satellite data (2016–2019). Ice and Snow. 2021, 61 (3): 341-358.  DOI: 10.31857/S2076673421030093
  2. Chernov R.A., Muraviev A.Y. Experience in using high-frequency georadar for landscape snow survey in the vicinity of Kirovsk (the Khibiny Mountains) and Apatitу (the Kola Peninsula). Ice and Snow. 2021, 61 (1): 103-116.  DOI: 10.31857/S2076673421010074
  3. Muraviev A.Ya. Degradation of glaciers in the northern part of the Middle Range on Kamchatka Peninsula along the period from 1950 over 2016–2017. Ice and Snow. 2020, 60 (4): 498–512. DOI: 10.31857/S2076673420040055
  4. Muraviev A.Y. Distribution and morphology of present-day glaciers on Kamchatka. Ice and Snow. 2020, 60 (3): 325-342. DOI: 10.31857/S2076673420030043
  5. Chernov R.A., Muraviev A.Ya. Catastrophic outburst-flood of the Spartakovskoye glacier-dammed lake on the Bolshevik Island (Severnaya Zemlya) // Earth`s Cryosphere. 2020. Vol. 24. No 4. Pp. 50–59. DOI: 10.21782/EC2541-9994-2020-4(50-59)
  6. Nosenko G.A., Muraviev A.Y., Ivanov M.N., Sinitsky A.I., Kobelev V.O., Nikitin S.A. Response of the Polar Urals glaciers to the modern climate changes. Ice and Snow. 2020, 60 (1): 42–57. DOI: 10.31857/S2076673420010022.
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  12. Barr I.D., Dokukin M.D., Kougkoulos I., Livingstone S.J., Lovell H., Małecki J., Muraviev A.Y. Using ArcticDEM to Analyse the Dimensions and Dynamics of Debris-Covered Glaciers in Kamchatka, Russia // Geosciences. 2018. Vol. 8. No 6. 17 p. DOI: 10.3390/geosciences8060216
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