Gorokhov Stanislav

Senior Research Scientist
stgorohov [at] yandex.ru
Laboratory of Geography of World Development

Research interests

Geography of religion, demography, socioeconomic problems of India development

Selected publications

Gorokhov S., Khristov T. 2014. Religions of the world. 3rd ed. Moskow. 424 p.

Lobzhanidze A., Gorokhov S., Zayats D. 2005. Ethnogeography and geography of religions. Moscow. 176 p.

Gorokhov S. 2014. Confessional geospace of Russia in a post-secular era: between tradition and modernity. In: The phenomenon of culture in Russian human geography: expert opinions, analytics, concepts. Ed. Druzhinin A. and Sreletskiy V. Rostov-on-Don. P. 266–288.

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