Likhacheva Emma

Main Research Scientist
+7 499 238-03-60
geomorph [at]
Laboratory of Geomorphology

Research interests

Theoretic anthropogenic geomorphology.

Graduated  department of geography of the Moscow State University named by M.V. Lomonosov.

In 1992 uphold thesis “Geomorphology of urban areas: theory, methods and research” for doctor’s degree.

In the Institute of Geography thins 1989.

The author of many publications and maps in scientific magazines, such as “ Geomorfologiya”, “Izvestiya RAN”, encyclopedias about Moscow and e.t.s.

Selected Publications

Lihacheva E.A. About Moscow’s seven hills M.: Nauka, 1990. 144 p. (in Russian)

Lihacheva E. A., Timofeev D.A.  Ecological geomorphology. Vocabulary- guide.  M.: Media-PRESS, 2004, 240 p. (in Russian)

Lihacheva E.A.  Ecological chronics of Moscow. M.:Media-PRESS, 2007, 304 p. (in Russian)

Lihacheva E.A., Timofeev D.A., Jidkov M.P. and others.  City  – ecosystem M.: Media-PRESS, 1997,336 p. (in Russian)

Lihacheva E.A., Timofeev D.A. and others.  Studing in geomorphology of urbosphere. Ed. Lihacheva E.A., Timofeev D.A. M.: Media-PRESS, 2009, 352 p. (in Russian)

Lihacheva E.A., Geomorphologic systems: properties, hierarchy, organization. Ed. Lihacheva E.A. M.: Media-PRESS, 2010, 288 p. (in Russian)

 The Geoecology of Moscow: methodology and methods for evaluation of city environment condition. Ed. Koff G.L., Lihacheva E.A., Timofeev D.A. M.: Media-PRESS, 2006, 200 p. (in Russian)

The relief of human habitat (ecological geomorphology). Ed. Lihacheva E.A., Timofeev D.A. M.: Media-PRESS, 2002, 640 p. (in Russian)

Geomorphologic map of Moscow. Scale 1: 50000. Electronic version.

Authors: Lihacheva E.A., Kozlova A.E., Nekrasova L.A., Ed. Koshkarev A.V., Lihacheva E.A(in Russian)