Sintserov Leonid Mihaylovich

Head of Laboratory
+7 499 122-17-76
sintserov [at]
Laboratory of Geography of World Development

Research  interests

Industrial geography, historical geography of  world  economy, problems of

global  integration, history of  globalization

Selected Publications

Sintserov, L.2011. The first  wave of humanitarian globalization. Problemy regionalnoy ecologiy. N 3. P. 6–12.

Sintserov, L. 2011. A century-old trend of intercontinental migration. Vestnik Orlovskogo  gosudarstvennogo  universiseta. Serya: Novye gumanitarnye  issledovaniya. N 4. P. 82–85.

Sintserov, L. 2011. The traffic and communication paradigm of  world development. Mirovaya economika i mezhdunarodnye otnosheniya. N 5. P.122–128.

 Sintserov, L. 2011. World trade in the second half of the 19th and at the beginning   of the 20th centuries. Vestnik  Orlovskogo  gosudarstvennogo universiseta. Serya: Novye  gumanitarnye  issledovaniya.  N 1. P. 205–207.

 Sintserov, L. 2010.  Revolutionary  changes in the field of communication  and formation of world economic system on the  threshold of the 20th century. Geografiya  mirovogo  razvitiya. N 2. Moscow. P. 126–142.

Sintserov, L. 2009. The rise and fall of  European  emigration. Geografiya mirovogo razvitiya. N 1. Moscow. P.233–253.

Sintserov, L., Trofimoff, D. 2008.  Shift of the world  automotive industry to the developing countries. Izvestiya RAN. Seriya geograficheskaya. N 2. P. 43–50.

 Sintserov, L.  2005. The  era of early globalization in the history of world economy. Vestnik istoricheskoy geografii. N 3. Moscow. P.58–79.

Sintserov, L.   2005.  Problems of  global  integration. Izvestiya RAN. Seriya geograficheskaya. N 4. P.5–12.

Sintserov, L.    2004. The first global  information  network. Izvestiya RAN. Seriya geograficheskaya. N 3. P. 71–75.

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