Vishnevskaya Irina

Senior Research Scientist
irina.cherry [at]
Laboratory of Hydrology

Research interests

Geoinformation modeling of river basins in Russia, three-dimensional modeling in GIS, GIS technology for rapid assessment and prediction of flood zones in extreme situations, GIS-support monitoring of water bodies of the State, the State Water Cadastre, GIS-support operational and forecast information for newsletters, reports and of water resources management, processing and analysis of aerospace information

Selected Publications

Geoinformation modeling of hydraulic structures for flood threat of flooding / / The use and protection of natural resources in Russia. - Moscow: Publishing House of the NIA-Nature. - № 6, 2006. - P.78-83

Transfer of knowledge modeling of flooded areas on the example of the disastrous floods in Hatukayskay Valley / / 50 years, the Institute of Applied Geophysics, Academician EK Fedorov. Proceedings of the IPG. - M. 2006 p 124-132

Computer simulation technology of flood zones and protective measures under the threat of hydraulic dam / / Abstracts ECWATECH-2006 (co-author Mastryukova AV)

Computer technology for modeling flood protective waterworks / / Geophysical Research Abstracts. - Vol. August 2006 General Assembly EGS (co Mastryukova AV)

Computer simulation technology of protective flood control structures / / Problems of Applied Ecology and heliogeophysics Proceedings GIPE. - 2005. - With. 47-52

Technology assessment of flood inundation areas based on high resolution satellite images / / Problems heliogeophysics and environmental protection. Proceedings of the IPG - 2004. - With. 186 - 191

Simulation of flooding for floods based on high resolution satellite images / / Abstracts of the All-Russian Congress of employees of Water Resources, Moscow, 2003 (co-SV Gerasimov, Sinkevich IU)