Lyuri Dmitry Igorevich

Head of Department
+7 495 959-00-27
dmitry.lyri [at]
Department of Physical Geography and Environmental Management Problems


Fields of Specialisation

The dynamics of agricultural lands in Russia and postagrogenic landscape selfrestoration,  ecological crises, vegetational succession, landscape long-time dynamics, ecological problems of Atomic Power Stations

Published works

1. Lyuri D.I., Goryachkin S.V., Karavaeva N.A., Denisenko E.A., Nefedova T.G. Dynamics of agricultural land in Russia and postagrogenic restoration of plants and soils. Moscow, GEOS 2010, 416 p.

2. Lyuri D.I., Nefedova T.G., Konushkov B.D. Russian agricultural land: myths and reality. // Ecological planning and management. 2007 №2, 54-63 pp.  

3. Lyuri D.I., Goryachkin S.V., Karavaeva N.A., Denisenko E.A., Abandoning agricultural land in Russia and postagrogenic restoration of ecosystems. // Agroecological condition and perspectives of using of abandoning lands. Moscow, GNU PI, 2008, 45-71 pp.

4. Lyuri D. Global Agriculture. In Sven Erik Jшrgensen and Brian D. Fath (Editor-in-Chief), Global Ecology. Vol. [1] of Encyclopedia of Ecology, 5 vols. pp. [76-84] Oxford: Elsevier., 2008

5. Lyuri D.I. Trajectories of ecological crises // Doklady of RAS, 2004, v.394, №2, 252-254 pp.

6. Dmitry I. Lyuri, Nina A. Karavaeva, Tatiana G. Nefedova, Boris D. Konyushkov, and Sergey V. Goryachkin. Self-Restoration of Post-Agrogenic Soils: Recent Process of Late Antropocene // Abstracts. 18th World Congress of Soil Science July 9-15, 2006 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. CD-ROM, 27-2.

7. D.I. Lyuri and S.V. Goryachkin. Global Land Use Change and Its Specificity in Permafrost-Affected Regions: Consequences for Cryosols. In: Kane, D.L. & Hinkel, K.M. (eds). 2008. Ninth International Conference on Permafrost. Institute of Northern Engineering, University of Alaska Fairbanks.  p. 1093-1097.

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9. Kalinina Olga, S.-E. Krause, S.V. Goryachkin, N.A. Karavaeva, D.I. Lyuri, Luise Giani Self-restoration of post-agrogenic chernozems of Russia: Soil development, carbon stocks, and dynamics of carbon pools // Geoderma 162 (2011) 196–206

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