Aksenova Lyudmila Aleksandrovna

Senior Research Scientist
aksenoval [at] mail.ru
Laboratory of Geography of World Development

Research interests

Organizational and territorial structure of industry of France and Benelux countries and its mapping; ecological problems of the European Union; integration processes in Western Europe (problems of EU expansion to the East); migration processes in EU at the end of XX century in comparison with the previous epochs; geography of the world mineral resources and the problem of their limitedness; internationalization and globalization of the world economy in XX century (background, reasons, instruments, consequences); country studies (economic geography of selected countries).

Selected Publications

Aksenova L. 2010. Food situation in the modern world. Geografiya mirovogo razvitiya. Moscow. N 2.

Aksenova L. 2008. Global disparities in the level of agricultural development. Geografiya v shkole. N1-2.

Aksenova L. 2008. Geographical trends of the world agriculture development. Geografiya v shkole. N3-4.

Aksenova L.  2008. Foreign experience in the field of governmental agricultural policy. Izvestiya RAN, seriya geograficheskaya. N5.

Aksenova L. 2007. Major structural shifts in the development of the world agriculture. Geografiya v shkole. N8.

Aksenova L. 2005. Globalization of the world economy (background, reasons, instruments, consequences). Geografiya v shkole. N6.

Aksenova L. 1996—2006. Cycle of articles on geography of selected agriculture sectors and EU integration processes. Attachements to the newspaper «Geografiya».