Shaporenko Sergey Ivanovich

Senior Research Scientist
shaporenko [at]
Laboratory of Hydrology

Research interests

• Hydrochemistry of reservoirs

• Geographic patterns of development of anaerobic processes in the hydrosphere

• Impact of water management on water quality

Selected Publications

  1. Shaporenko S.I. Water management load on water resources of the Volga reservoirs //  IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science 834 (2021) 012020. doi: 10.1088/1755-1315/834/1/012020.
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  3. Koronkevich N.I., Barabanova E.A., Georgiadi A.G., Zaitseva I.S., Shaporenko S.I. Anthropogenic Impacts on the Water resources of the Russian Arctic Basin // Geography and Natural Resources. 2019. Vol. 40, no. 1. P. 22-29.
  4. Schletterer M., Shaporenko S.I., Kuzovlev V.V., Minin A.E., Van Geest G.J, Middelkoop H., Górski K. The Volga: Management issues in the largest river basin in Europe // River Research and Applications. SPECIAL ISSUE PAPER. 2018. P. 1-10
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  7. Shaporenko S., Yasinskii S., Matafonov E., Gorelkin A. Morphometric parameters of Istra, Ruza, Ozerninsky and Rublevskoe reservoirs according to bathymetric surveys, 2009 // Modern problems of reservoirs and their watersheds. Volume I. Hydro and geodynamic processes. Perm, Perm State University, 2011. P. 172-177.
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