Sebentsov Alexander

Scientific Researcher
asebentsov [at]
Laboratory of Geopolitical Studies

Research interests

Problems of developmentof border areas, influence of the borderson the livesof people.Geographyof uncontrolled territoriesand unrecognized states.Geographyof investment and problems of Russian North regions.Economic geographyand geopoliticsofthe post-Sovietstates.

Selected Publications

Sebentsov A.B., Kolossov V.A. The phenomenonof uncontrolled territoriesin the modern world  //  Political Studies. - 2012. - № 2. - pp. 31-46

SebentsovA.B., IvanovaE.MProblems of investmentinthe economic development in the Russian North regions // Vestnik RUDN. Economic. – 2008. – №2 pp. 24-34

SebentsovA.B..Territorialand sectoral structure ofinvestment inthe regionsof the Russian North// Izvestya RAN Ser. Geography – 2008. –  .–pp. 54-62

Sebentsov A.B. Investments in the regionsof the Russian North: Problem of theterritorial and industrialstructures // Strategiclong-term developmentof the transportinfrastructure of Siberiaand the FarEast./Ed.Vasilievandothers -IrkutskIrGUPS, 2009. – pp. 407-415.

SebentsovA.B. Investment attractiveness ofresource regions // Resourcesecurityas a factor inthe increase of investmentattractiveness andcompetitiveness of the regionsof Russia./ ed.ELPlisetskaya,Y.Simagina. - Moscow:FinanceUniversity, 2011, pp.122-132