Trofimova Elena

Senior Research Scientist
trofimova [at]
Laboratory of Geomorphology

Commissions participation

Karst Commission IGU
UNESCO geopark “Aldan-Yakutia” of the Cambrian

Regions of research

Russian Plain, Ural, Prilenskoe Pleteau

Research interests

Karsto- and speleogenesis, cave ice and microclimate of caves, cultural and natural heritage conservation in karstified regions

List of principal publications

  • Guide des terraines karstiques choisis de la Sibérie Orientale et de l’Oural. - Sosnowiec: Université de Silesie, 1996. 128 p. (in collaboration with V.N. Andeychouk, K.A. Gorbunova, V.M. Litivin, S.T.Pavlov, M. Pulina et al.).
  • Karst denudation: the revue of estimations methods. // Geomorphology, 2004. N 1. P. 44-49. (in Russian)
  • Cave Ice of Lake Baikal as an Indicator of Climatic Changes // Doclady Earth Sciences, September-October 2006. V. 410. N 7. P. 1087-1090.
  • Particularités du développement recent du karst calcaire de Sibérie et d’Extrême-Orient (Russie). // Karst and Cryokarst. Sosnowiec-Wrocław, 2007. P. 203-209.
  • Genesis and morphological peculiarities of Lake Baikal cave ice deposits. // 2 International Workshop on Ice Caves (IWIC-II). Liptovsky Mikulash: Slovak Caves Administration, 2007. P. 77-81.
  • Gestion patrimoniale des grottes karstiques de la région d’Irkoutsk (Sibérie, Russie) // Karstologia Mémoires, 2009. N 17. P. 146-150.
  • Morphogenetic features of karst system Shulgan-Tash. // Geomorphology, 2010. N 3. P. 59-66. (in collaboration with U.S. Lyakhnitsky, O.Ya. Chervyatsova). (in Russian)
  • The danger of karst processes. The map (1 : 16 000 000) and attendant text. // Atlas of natural-technogenic dangers and extreme situations risks in Russain Federation. M.: IGC "Information, Cartography, Information", 2010. P. 222-230 (in collaboration with V.V. Razumov, V.V. Bronguleev, A.N. Makkaveev, N.V. Razumova). (in Russian)
  • Ecological-geomorphologic mapping of karst caves (by example of Irkutsk amphitheatre). // Geomorphology, 2012. N 2. P. 25-34. (in Russian)
  • Karst of Natural Park “Lena Pillars” – unique natural phenomenon. // Proceedings of the Russian Geographical Society, 2012. V. 144. Issue. 3. P. 68-75. (in Russian)
  • Lena Pillars Nature Park. Potential World Heritage Property. М.: ANNI, 2012. 56 с. (in collaboration with A.A. Butorin, A.A. Fedorov et al.)