Khaziakhmetova Julia

Research Associate
julhazz [at]
Department of Physical Geography and Environmental Management Problems

Research interests 
Geo-ecological assessment and mapping, assessment of quality of life, environmental economics.

Representative publications:

Kochurov B.I., Lobkovsky V.A., Smirnov A.Z, Lobkovsky L.G., Y. Кhaziakhmetova  Y.A. Harmony of competing interests in an effective environmental management / / "Fifth Semenov reading: Heritage of A.P.Semenov-Tian-Shanskiy and Modern Science" (Materials of the International Scientific Conference). Lipetsk, 2012. P.86-96.
Kochurov B.I., Lobkovsky V.A., Antipova A.V., Kostovska S.K., Nekrich A.S., Lobkovskaya L.G., Khaziakhmetova Y.A. Ecological diagnostics and effective environmental management in the global crisis of nature and society. / / Innovation in Environmental Geoscience: theory and practice, and education. Materials of All-Russian konf. Moscow, Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University, 2010. P.77-79
Kochurov B.I., Smirnov A.Z., Lobkovsky V.A., Khaziakhmetova Y.A. Environmental management system in the processes of regional activity / / Geoenvironmental problems of our time: Reports 2-nd International Conference, Vladimir, 18-20 September 2008 Proceedings. Vladimir, 2008. P.110-114.
Khaziakhmetova Y.A. Methods of creating geo-environmental maps (on the example of Tatarstan) / Khaziakhmetova Y.A., Trofimov A.M. / / Proceedings of the 2-nd International. Science and tech. Conference of Students and Young Scientists. - Perm, 2004. - P.161-163;
Trofimov A.M., KhaziakhmetovaY.A., Ecological diagnostics as a new direction in the search features of the ecological state of the region / / Problems of regional ecology. - № 2. - 2004. - P.146-147;
Trofimov A.M. Book on regional environmental diagnostics [review] / TrofimovA.M., Khaziakhmetova Y.A. / / Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences. Ser. Geogr. - 2004. - № 3. - P.127-128
Khaziakhmetova Y.A. On the selection of diagnostic indicators for the creation of geo-ecological map of the Republic of Tatarstan / Khaziakhmetova Y.A. / / Proceedings of the Scientific Conference dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the University of Kazan "Current global and regional changes in geosystems." - Kazan, 2004. - P.488
Khaziakhmetova Y.A. Trofimov A.M., Kochurov B.I., Petrova R.S. R.S., Principles and approaches to drawing geoenvironmental maps / / Environmental systems and instruments. - № 8. - 2003. - S. 12-24.
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