Puzachenko Mikhail

cтарший научный сотрудник
puzak [at] bk.ru
Department of Physical Geography and Environmental Management Problems

Research interests

Landscape science, biogeography, soil science, multidimensional statistical analysis spatial-temporal data, geoinformatics.

Study areas

Tver, Murmansk, Belgorod districts.

Selected Publications

Krenke A.N., Puzachenko Y.G., Puzachenko M.Y. 2011. Clarifying the content of thematic maps based on remote sensing. - Izvestiya of the Academy of Sciences. Geographical Series, № 4, p. 106-116
Tatjana Chernenkova, Mihail Puzachenko, Elena Tikhonova, Elena Basova. 2010. Mapping of natural and anthropogenic disturbances on vegetation in Kola Peninsula. - Talbot, S., Charron, T., Barry, T. (eds.). Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop: Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) Flora Group. Circumboreal Vegetation Mapping (CBVM) Workshop, Helsinki, Finland, November 3-6th, 2008. CAFF International Secretariat, CAFF Flora Expert Group (CFG), CAFF Technical Report No. 21, pp. 162-169
Isaev, A.S., Knyazeva S.V., Puzachenko M.Y., Chernen'kova T.V. 2009. The use of satellite data for monitoring of forest biodiversity. - Issledovanie Zemli iz kosmosa, № 2, p. 55-66
Puzachenko M.Y. 2009. Multifunctional landscape analysis southwest Valdai Hills. - Ph.D. Thesis, M.: "FED +", 379 p.
Puzachenko Y.G. Puzachenko M.Y. 2008. Analysis of climatic representativeness of Federal protected areas (FPA) - In monograph «Specially Protected Areas of Russia: current state and development prospects», by eds. V.G. Krever, M.S. Stishov, I.A. Onufrenya, Russia, 456 pp.
Kozlov D.N., Puzachenko M.Y., Fedyaeva M.V., Puzachenko Y.G. 2008. The mapping of the spatial variation of the properties of land cover based on remote sensing data and a digital elevation model. - Izvestiya of the Academy of Sciences. Geographical Series № 4, c. 112-124
Puzachenko M.Y., Kotlov I.P., Chernen'kova T.V. 2008. Technological scheme for monitoring natural objects using remote sensing data and GIS technology. In monograph "Monitoring of forest biological diversity of Russia". Nauka, Moscow, p. 347-359
Puzachenko Y.G., Fedyaeva M.V., Kozlov D.N., Puzachenko M.Y., 2006. Methodological base for display of elementary geosystem processes. - Modern natural and anthropogenic processes in soils and geosystems. Soil Institute V.V. Dokuchaev, p. 13-53
M. Yu Puzachenko, Y.G. Puzachenko, D.N. Kozlov, M.V. Fedyaeva. 2006. Mapping capacity of biogenic and humus horizons of forest soils and wetlands south taiga landscapes (southwest Valdai Hills) based on digital elevation model and remote data (Landsat-7). - Issledovanie Zemli iz kosmosa, № 4, p. 70-78
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