Kostovska Silvia

Leading Scientific Researcher
SilvaKos [at] yandex.ru
Department of Physical Geography and Environmental Management Problems

Research interests
Ecological geographical analysis and geoecological mapping of territories, history of territorial development and economic activities at the regional scale.

Study areas

Russian Plain, Volga region, the Solovetskye islands. 

Selected Publications
Kostovska S.K., Stulyshapku V.O. 2011. Multitemporal cartographic works for the studies of historical dynamics of territorial transformation. Vestnik Tambovskogo Universiteta. Ser. Natural and technical sciences. Vol. 16, Iss. 5, pp. 1308-1312.
Geoecological mapping: textbook for higher schools. 2009. B.I.Kochurov, D.Yu.Shishkina, A.V.Antipova, S.K.Kostovska. Ed. by B.I.Kochurov. Moscow, Academia, 192 p. 
Kostovska S.K., Polikin D.Yu., Polikina L.N. 2009. Recreational nature management within the Solovetsky Archipelago area. Regional Environmental Issues, №2, pp. 189-193.
Environmental problems of Russia, scale 1:6000000. Map for secondary schools. 2008. Moscow, Kartografiya. Thematic content developed by B.I.Kochurov, A.V.Antipova, S.K.Kostovska. 
Kochurov B.I., Antipova A.V., Kostovska S.K., Lobkovsky V.A. 2006. Prospects of agricultural recovery within the Central Russia area. Economic strategies, № 7, pp. 108-116. - № 8, pp. 158-164.
Kostovska S.K. 2005. Historical dynamics of economic development and nature anthropogenization within the old-developed region (case study of Suvorovsky raion of the Tula oblast). Vestnik istoricheskoy geografii, Iss. 3, pp. 258-283.
Kochurov B.I., Antipova A.V., Kostovska S.K. 2005. Present-day ecological situation in Russia and its predictability. Moscow, INES. 52 p.   
Kostovska S.K., Lobkovsky V.A., Nekrich A.S. 2006. Anthropogenic impact and present-day transformation of tundra landscapes (case study of Chukotka) Regional Environmental Issues, № 4, pp. 79-86.
Geoecological map of the Astrakhan oblast, scale 1:500000. 2003. Ch.Eds. Acad V.M.Kotlyakov and Corr.Mem. N.F.Glazovsky. Moscow-Astrakhan, “AKC” (Kostovska S.K. cartographer-compiler). 
Integrated regionalization of the territory of Russia according to ecological and socio-economic situation, scale 1:8000000. 2002. Ch.Eds. Acad V.M.Kotlyakov and Corr.Mem. N.F.Glazovsky. Moscow, “AKC” (Kostovska S.K. cartographer-compiler).