Baibar Anastasia

research engineer
baybar [at]
Department of Physical Geography and Environmental Management Problems

Research interests

Physical geography, landscape studies: Landscape geophysics, Landscape biogeophysics, Landscape thermodynamics. Landscape planning, landscape ecology

Study areas

Central Forest State Nature Biosphere Reserve

Selected publications

  1. Shvarts E.A., Kazantsev N.N., Baibar A.S. Rational use of abandoned agricultural land: one step forward, two steps back // Sustainable forest management. - 2021. - No. 1 (65). - 7–12 p.
  2. Ratio and factors of continuity and discreteness of vegetation in the Southern taiga landscapes of the Valdai Upland/ A. S. Baibar, T. V. Chernenkova, M. Yu. Puzachenko, N. G. Belyaeva // Principles of Ecology. - 2020. - No. 3. - P. 4–15.
  3. Baibar A.S., Sandlerskiy R. B. Invariance of landscape thermal field in Central Forest Reserve according to long-term measurements from Landsat satellites // Proceedings of the Central Forest State Nature Biosphere Reserve. - Issue 7. - M .: M., 2020. - P. 7–21.
  4. Thermal field of southern taiga landscape of the Russian Plain / Yu. G. Puzachenko, A. S. Baibar, A. V. Varlagin et al. // Izvestia of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Geographic series. - 2019. - No. 2. - P. 51–68.
  5. Baibar A.S., Kharitonova T.I. Monitoring of forests biological productivity (on the example of Central Forest State Nature Biosphere Reserve) // GLOBULARIA. - T. 5. - Samara, 2018. - p. 84–87.
  6. Baibar A.S., Puzachenko Yu. G., Sandlerskiy R.B. Temperature field of the southern taiga landscape // Modern landscape-ecological state and problems of optimization of the natural environment of the regions. Materials of the XIII International Landscape Conference dedicated to the centenary of the birth of F.N. Milkov. / Ed. A. V. Khoroshev. - T. 1. - SOURCES, Voronezh, 2018. - pp. 300–302.
  7. Dyakonov K. N., Baibar A. S., Kharitonova T. I. Interdecadal dynamics of the efficiency of photosynthetically active radiation utilization in the forests of Meshhera/ / Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta. Series 5: Geography. - 2017. - No. 5. - p. 12-23.
  8. Seasonal dynamics of CO2 fluxes, sensible and latent heat in fresh clear cut in the southern taiga zone (European part of Russia) / A. V. Olchev, V. V. Mamkin, V. K. Avilov, A. S. Baibar et al. // Problems of ecological monitoring and modeling of ecosystems. - 2017. - T. 28, No. 4. - P. 5–23.
  9. Forests in the European territory of Russia and climate / A. V. Olchev, V. K. Avilov, A. S. Baibar et al. - Scientific Publishing Association KMK Moscow, 2017.- 276 p.