Borodina Tatiana

Senior Research Scientist
Borodina_TL [at]
Department of Social and Economical Geography

Research interests

Social and Economic Geography of Russia, Population geography, urban and rural settlement pattern analysis, Regions and geographical scales of research

Selected Publications

  1. Glezer O.B., Borodina T.L., Artobolevsky S.S. Municipal and Administrative Structure of the Russian Federation // Regional Development and Regional Policy of Russia in the Transition  Period / Artobolevsky S.S., Glezer O.B. (Eds.). M., Izdatelstvo Bauman MGTU, 2011. P. 241–264.
  2. Glezer O.B., Borodina T.L., Artobolevsky S.S. Local Self-Government Reform and Administrative Structure of the Federal Subjects of Russia // Izvestiya RAS, Geography, 2008, no. 5. P. 51–64.
  3. Artobolevsky S.S., Borodina T.L., Glezer O.B. Socioeconomic and Geographic Factors of Transformation of Spatial Structures of the Republic of Karelia // Legacy Socioeconomic Structures and Transition to Post-Industrial Society. M., 2007. P. 114–125.
  4. T.L.Borodina, I.M.Volkova, A.A.Gritsenko, S.L.Barinov. Border territories of Russia and Ukraine: united in the past and divided presently (geographical approaches). Transformation of the Russian space: socio-economic and natural-resource factors (polyscale analysis). Moscow: Institute of Geography, RAS, MARRS, 2008, pp.266-288
  5. S.S.Artobolevsky, T.L.Borodina, I.N.Volkova, O.B.Glezer, T.V.Khantashkeeva  (Litvinenko), V.I.Chasovsky. Russian-Belarusian border cooperation (research results of field studies in Smolensk and Mogilev regions). Pskov regional science magazine. № 2. Pskov: PGPU, 2006. pp. 152-163.
  6. T.L.Borodina.  The population dynamics and changes in rural settlement patterns in 1990-ies (case study of Smolensk and Belgorod regions). Interaction of urban and rural areas in regional development (Vzaimodeystvie gorodskih i sel'skih mestnostey v regional'nom razvitii). Moscow: 2005, pp.230-237.
  7. T.L.Borodina, I.N.Volkova, T.V.Khantashkeeva (Litvinenko). Socio-economic connections between border regions of Russia and Belarus, case study of Mogilev and Smolensk regions. XXI session of the economic and geographic section "MARS" on border areas. 2004.
  8. T.L.Borodina.  Typology of the dynamics of Russian population trends (1959 to 2002). Izvestiya RAN, Ser. geogr. 2004. № 6. pp.67-79.