Kochurov Boris

Leading Scientific Researcher
inecol [at] mail.ru
Department of Physical Geography and Environmental Management Problems

Research interests

Geoecology, environmental assessment and mapping, land management, land cadastre and monitoring, territorial planning, landscape planning and aesthetics, economy of nature management, efficiency of natural resources use, quality of life. Areas of work: Volga region, European area of Russia, Siberia, Caucasus, Altai, Crimea, Urals, Far East.

Selected Publications

Kochurov B.I., Ivashkina I.V. Urban landscapes of Moscow: from traditional to harmonious and well-balanced landscapes // Ecology of Urban Areas, №1, 2012. P.6-12.

Kochurov B. Spatial analysis of ecological situations (Geography of Environmental situations). - LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2011. 156 p.

Kochurov B.I. Ecodiagnostics and balanced development: Manual. – Moscow –Smolensk: Magenta, 2003. – 384 p.

Kochurov B.I. Geography of environmental situations (ecodiagnostics  of the territory).. – М., 1997. – 156 p.

Kochurov B., Smirnov A. The efficiency of regional nature management. Regional relations of the «population - area - resources - economy». The creative activity of the population. The virtues of the people // Economic strategies, №3, 2007 (53) – P.32-44.

Kochurov B.I., Antipova A.V., Kostovska S.K. Current ecological situation in Russia and the possibilities of its forecasting. - M.: INES. – 2005.- 52 p.

Kochurov B.I., Ivanov Yu.G. Modern land management and land-use management in Russia // Sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas: foreign experience and issues of Russia. - M: Partnership of scientific publications KMK. – 2005. – P. 322-334

Ivanov Yu.G., Kochurov B.I. Municipal land law.– М., 1998. – 47 p.

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