Treyvish Andrey

Senior Research Scientist
trene12 [at]
Department of Social and Economical Geography

Research interests

Country-specific studies, advantages and disadvantages of large countries, spatio-temporal rhythms of socio-economic space, composition of spatial structures, human spatial mobility, trajectories of Russia's regional and urban development, landscapes of industrial-urban areas

Selected Publications

1. Treyvish A.I. Spatial symmetry, rhythmics and edge effect in their positional and compositional sense // Geographical Position and Territorial Structures: in Memory of I.M. Mayergoiz (in Russian). Moscow: Novyy Khronograph, 2012. P. 368-390.

2. Treyvish A.I. The size of Russia's spaces and their perception in the historical period // Geographical Space of Russia: Image and Modernization (in Russian). S.-Petersburg: "VVM" Publisher, 2011. P. 64-78.

3. Treyvish A.I. Compression of social space: between reality and utopia // Demoscope Weekly Analytic Journal, 2012, No. 507–508 (April 6–30), in Russian

4. Treyvish A.I. What is our actual name (on the content and appellation of our science) // Socio-Economic Geography: Bulletin of the Association of Russia's Social Geographers (in Russian). 2012. No. 1. P. 5-19.

5. Treyvish A. Regional postindustrial processes and re-industrialization in the regions // Russia's Regional Development and Regional Policy in the Transitional Periond (in Russian). Moscow: MGTU N.E. Bauman Publisher, 2011. P. 64-87.

6. Treyvish A.I. "Compression" of space: versions and models // Compression of Socio-economic Space: New in Theory of Regional Development and in Practice of its Regulation by the State (in Russian). Moscow: IG RAN, MARS, 2010. P. 16-31.

7. Treyvish A.I. City, Region, Country and the World: Development of Russia Viewed by a Regional Geographer ((in Russian). Moscow: Novyy Khronograph, 2009. 372 p.

8. Kolosov V. and A. Treivish. Russian-language geography // International Encyclopedia of Human Geography / Kitchin R., Thrift N. (eds). Oxford: Elsevier, 2009. Vol. 1. P. 457-462.

9. Tikunov V.S. and A.I. Treyvish. The geographical dimensions of countries and regions in twentieth and twenty-first centuries // Geography, Environment, Sustainability, 2008. No. 1. P. 6-22.

10. Treyvish A.I. A new Russian heartland: the demographic and economic dimension // Eurasian Geography and Economics, 2005. Vol. 46. No. 2. P. 123-156.