Gribchenko Yuriy

Senior Research Scientist
yu_gribchenko [at]
Department of Quaternary Research

Research interests

Lithology, granulometric composition, stratigraphy, loess-soil  series, interaction between the Human society and Environments in Pleistocene and Holocene, the reasons and directions of the Human Migrations, the conditions of Early Man inhabitance on the different sites, radiocarbon dating, the Paleolithic Chronology. Studу area: central areas of the Russian Plain Ukraine, Pre-Urals/ Caucasus.

Selected publication

Velichko A.A.,Vasiliev S.A., Gribchenko Y.N., Kurenkova E.I.  Man penetrates to the North // Priroda,  № 1, 2010, с. 44-55.

Velichko A.A.,Vasiliev S.A., Gribchenko Y.N., Kurenkova E.I.  Paleogeography of the epoch of the  initial Human  Arctic and  Subarctic colonization.и // Structure and Evolution of the Lithosphere (ed Yu.Leonov). Pausen Editons, M-SPb, 2010, p. 428-459.

Velichko A.A., Dolukhanov P.M., Gribchenko Yu.N. & Kurenkova E.I., 2009. Initial human settlement of East European Plain. The Lower Don Neolithic. In: P.M. Dolukhanov, G.R. Sarson, and A.M. Shukurov (eds). The East European Plain on the eve of agriculture. BAR S1964. Oxford, UK: Archaeopress, pp. 17-22.

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Kurenkova E. I., Gribchenko Y.N. Environment and Late Paleolithic Human Settlement in Eastern Europe. 2007. In: Landscapes in Flux Central and Eastern Europe in Antiquity (eds. J.Chapman&P.Dolukhanov). Oxford Books. UK, p. 241-253.

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