Belonovskaya Elena A.

Scientific Secretary of Institute
belena53 [at]
Laboratory of Biogeography


Specialist Geography (biogeography): 1971-1975, Section of Biogeography, Department of Geography, Moscow State University, Moscow (Russia)

Ph. D. (biogeography): 1976-1978, Laboratory of biogeography, Institute of Geography RAS, Moscow (Russia). Advisor: Oleg S. Grebenščikov, Rimma P. Zimina. Thesis title: “Ecology-geographical structure of the timberline ecotone vegetation on the Northern Caucasus”.

Employment History: (1978-88, 1988-1994, 1994-now)
1978.1985 Research associate, Laboratory of biogeography, Institute of      Geography RAS, Moscow (Russia).
1985.2005 Research scientist, Laboratory of biogeography, Institute of Geography RAS, Moscow (Russia).
2006-2008 Scientific secretary of the Institute of Geography RAS, Moscow (Russia).

Research Interests:

Biodiversity, geobotany, plant community ecology, phytosociology, vegetation of the Caucasus, nature protection.


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