Shilkrot Galina

Senior Research Scientist
gal-shilkrot [at]
Department of Physical Geography and Environmental Management Problems

Research interests
Hydrochemistry. Limnology. The anthropogenic eutrophicaton of lakes and reservoires. Development stages of cooling reservoirs of Nuclear Electric Stations. Migration of matter at watershed-waterbode systems. Water quality of rivers and lakes at humid, arid and mountain areas. Study areas: North-West of the Europe part of the Russia, Russian Plain, Caucasus, Tien Shan, Republik Tyva, Mongolia.

Selected Publications
Shilkrot G.S. 2012. Migration of phosphorus in «the soil – ground water» system at agricultural landscapes of forest zone. - Geochemistry of landscapes a. Geography of soils. (To 100- years of M.A. Glazovsky. Russian scien. conf., Moskow, 4 – 6 april 2012). M. Moscow University. P. 363-365.
Shilkrot G.S. 2010. Variability of the trophic status and chemical features of the Valday lake by active migration of matter in watershed-lake system. – Proceed. Valdaisky national park: Issue to 20- years of Valdaisky national park. Saint-Petersburg. Issue 1, p. 33-38.
Shilkrot G.S., Kuderina T.M. 2010. Geochemical characterization of  the Upper and  Under Volga waters. – Geoecological contemporancous problems: Rep. 3-rd Intern. Conf., Vladimir, 23-25 september, 2010. (Edit. I.A. Karlovich): Vladimir, Vlad. State human. University, p. 347 – 349.
Shilkrot G.S. 2008. Biogeochemical processes and stream of matters and energy at anthropogenic changed water ecosystems.- Izv. RAS, ser. Geograph., №3, p.35 – 44.
Shilkrot G.S. 2007. Migration of matters at the water geosystems as the formation and management their properties factor. – Theor. and practika of reconstruction of the inside waterbodies. (Intern. conf., Saint-Petersburg, 15-18 oktober, 2007). Saint-Petersburg. «Lema», p. 355 – 366.
Shaporenko S.I., Shilkrot G.S. 2006. Stability and variability of hydrochemical parametres of the Glubokoe lake at forbidden conditiones. –Water resources. Volume 33, № 4, p. 459 – 474.
Shilkrot G.S., Kuderina T.M. 2005.  The similarity and diversity of geo- and hydrochemical parametres of little anthropogenic changed lake ecosystems of B. Solovky island and Karelia. – Ecological conditiones of continental waterbodies at north territories. (Intern. conf., Arhangelsk, 21-25 june 2005). Saint-Petersburg. Nauka. VVM. P. 71 – 78.
Shilkrot G.S., Yasinsky S.V. 2005. Development stages of colling reservoirs of Nuclear Electric stations. - Izv. RAS, ser. geograph. № 3, p. 99 – 106.
Shilkrot G.S., Yasinsky S.V. 2005. Processes of self-organization and management at formation of ecosystems and water quality of reservoirs.- Essential problems of rational use of reservoirs. Rybinsk. P. 283 – 293.
Shilkrot G.S. 2001. Eutrophication as speed-up at waterbodies of rotation of organic matter and biogenic elements. – Izv.  AS SSSR (RAS), ser. geograph., № 5, p. 51 – 58.