Matskovsky Vladimir

Acting Head of Laboratory
matskovsky [at]
Laboratory of Dendrochronology

Research interests 

Dendroclimatology, dating of wooden artefacts, palaeoclimatic reconstructions, standardization methods in dendrochronology

Selected Publications 

  1. Matskovsky, V., Venegas-González, A., Garreaud, R., Roig, F. A., Gutiérrez, A. G., Muñoz, A. A., ... & Canales, C. (2021). Tree growth decline as a response to projected climate change in the 21st century in Mediterranean mountain forests of Chile. Global and Planetary Change, 198, 103406.
  2. Morales, M. S., Cook, E. R., Barichivich, J., Christie, D. A., Villalba, R., LeQuesne, C., ... & Boninsegna, J. A. (2020). Six hundred years of South American tree rings reveal an increase in severe hydroclimatic events since mid-20th century. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(29), 16816-16823.
  3. Cook, E. R., Solomina, O., Matskovsky, V., Cook, B. I., Agafonov, L., Berdnikova, A., ... & Yermokhin, M. (2020). The european russia drought atlas (1400–2016 ce). Climate Dynamics, 54(3), 2317-2335.
  4. Matskovsky, V., Roig, F. A., & Pastur, G. M. (2019). Removal of a non-climatically induced seven-year cycle from Nothofagus pumilio tree-ring width chronologies from Tierra del Fuego, Argentina for their use in climate reconstructions. Dendrochronologia, 57, 125610.
  5. Matskovsky, V., Gadiev, U., Dolgikh, A., Cherkinsky, A., Polumieva, P., Panov, V., ... & Dolgova, E. (2019). Radiocarbon dating of medieval buildings in the mountainous part of Ingushetia (Northern Caucasus, Russia). Radiocarbon, 61(3), 777-797.
  6. Matskovsky, V., Dolgova, E., Lomakin, N., & Matveev, S. (2017). Dendroclimatology and historical climatology of Voronezh region, European Russia, since 1790s. International Journal of Climatology, 37(7), 3057-3066.
  7. Dolgikh, A. V., Matskovsky, V. V., Voronin, K. V., & Solomina, O. N. (2017, June). Combined dendrochronological and radiocarbon dating of six russian icons from the 15th–17th centuries. In Doklady Earth Sciences (Vol. 474, No. 2, pp. 706-708). Pleiades Publishing.
  8. Matskovsky, V. (2016). Climatic signal in tree-ring width chronologies of conifers in European Russia. International journal of climatology, 36(9), 3398-3406.
  9. Matskovsky, V., & Helama, S. (2016). Direct transformation of tree-ring measurements into palaeoclimate reconstructions in three-dimensional space. The Holocene, 26(3), 439-449.
  10. Voronin, K., Dolgikh, A., Matskovsky, V., Cherkinsky, A., Skripkin, V., & Alexandrovskiy, A. (2015). Comparative dendrochronological and 14C dating of 15th century Russian icon. Radiocarbon, 57(1), 173-182.
  11. Matskovsky, V. V., & Helama, S. (2014). Testing long-term summer temperature reconstruction based on maximum density chronologies obtained by reanalysis of tree-ring data sets from northernmost Sweden and Finland. Climate of the Past, 10(4), 1473-1487.
  12. Matskovsky, V.V. (2013) Climatic signal in tree-ring width chronologies of conifers in European Russia. М.: GEOS. 148 p. (in Russian)