Turkov Dmitriy

Senior Research Scientist
+7 962 969-56-76
turkov [at] igras.ru
Laboratory of Climatology

Research interests

Сlimatology, climate simulations, natural systems simulations, modern climate changes, snow cover

Selected publications

  1. Scientific and human errors in a snow model intercomparison / Menard C., Essery R., Krinner G., Semenov V., Turkov D. et al. // Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. – 2021. – V. 201. – Issue 1. – p. E61-E79. DOI: 10.1175/BAMS-D-19-0329.1

  2. Snow cover duration trends observed at sites and predicted by multiple models / Essery R., Semenov V., Turkov D. et al. // The Cryosphere. – 2020. – 14. – p. 4687-4698. https://doi.org/10.5194/tc-14-4687-2020

  3. ESM-SnowMIP: assessing snow models and quantifying snow-related climate feedbacks / Krinner G., Derksen C., Essery R., Semenov V., Turkov D. et al. // Geosci. Model Dev. – 2018. – 11. – p. 5027-5049. https://doi.org/10.5194/gmd-11-5027-2018

  4. Streamflows over a West African basin from the ALMIP-2 model ensemble / Getirana A., Boone A., Peugeot C., Turkov D. et al. / Journal of Hydrometeorology. – 2017. – V.18. – 7. – p.1831-1845.  DOI: 10.1175/JHM-D-16-0233.1  

  5. Modelling surface runoff and water fluxes over contrasted soils in pastoral Sahel: evaluation of the ALMIP2 land surface models over the Gourma region in Mali / Grippa M., Kergoat L., Boone A., Turkov D. et al. / Journal of Hydrometeorology. – 2017. – V.18. – 7. – p.1847-1866.   DOI: 10.1175/JHM-D-16-0170.1

  6. Evaluation of snow storage in Western Siberia based on the land-surface model SPONSOR simulation using reanalysis data / Turkov D., Sokratov V., Titkova T. //Ice and Snow. – 2017. – Т.57. –  №3. – с.343-354.   DOI: 10.15356/2076-6734-2017-3-343-354

  7. Calculating of snow cover characteristics on a plain territory using the model SPONSOR and data of reanalyses (by the example of Moscow region) / Turkov D., Sokratov V. // Ice and Snow. – 2016. – Т.56. –  №3. – с.369-380.  DOI: 10.15356/2076-6734-2016-3-369-380

  8. Shmakin A.B., Turkov D.V., Mikhailov A.Yu. 2009. Model of snow cover considering its layered structure and seasonal evolution. "Earth Cryosphere", Vol. XIII, No.4, pp. 69-79 (in Russian)

  9. Turkov D.V. 2006. Anomalies of a snow cover: essence and a climatic role (experiments on model of a global climate). In book: «Glaciation of Northern and Central Eurasia in the Contemporary Era». Moscow: Nauka Publishers (in Russian)