Chernogaeva Galina M.

Senior Research Scientist
chernogaeva [at]
Laboratory of Hydrology

Research interests

The state and pollution of the environment in the Russian Federation. Water balance of Russia and the Northern Hemisphere

Membership etc.

1. Hydrological Commission of the Moscow Branch of the Russian Geographical Society.

2. Editorial board of the journal "Meteorology and Hydrology".

3. Editorial board of the bulletin "Use and protection of natural resources in Russia" of the National Information Agency "Natural Resources", the Russian Ecological Academy.

4. Commission for the preparation of the Voluntary National Review of Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Russia.

5. Problem Council of Roshydromet.

Selected publications

  1. Environmental pollution in the Moscow region according to long-term roshydromet monitoring data / G. M. Chernogaeva, L. R. Zhuravleva, Y. A. Malevanov et al. // Russian Meteorology and Hydrology. — 2020. — Vol. 45, no. 8. — P. 523–532. DOI: 10.3103/S1068373920080014
  2. Analysis of the current state of lake baikal basedon roshydromet monitoring data / L. P. Alekseev, V. Y. Georgievskii, M. N. Anikanova, G.M. Chernogaeva et al. // Russian Meteorology and Hydrology. — 2019. — no. 10. — P. 643–651. DOI: 10.3103/S1068373919100017
  3. G.M. Chernogaeva and L.R. Zhuravleva. 2017. «The Envivonment of the Russian Federation in 2006-2015: State and Pollution Dynamics». Russian Meteorology and Hydrology. Vol. 42, №5, pp. 19-30. ISBN 1068-3739.
  4. Prof. Galina M. Chernogaevaeva and Dr. Sergey A. Gromov Regional and Urban Air Quality in the Russian Federation 14th General Assembly & SCOPE-Zhongyu Environmental Forum 28-31 March 2014 -  Prague , Czech Republic