Chichagov Valeriy

Chief Scientist collaborator
chichagov [at]
Laboratory of Geomorphology

Research interests

The evolution of the continental plains in the example extraarid and arid plains of the Asian-African belt. Study of the current deflation-arid denudation peneplain forming its accumulation, mostly sandy and rocky plains. Learning about human transformation arid planes. Development problems of arid geomorphology and geomorphologic correlation.

Areas of research: the plains of the North Africa and the Middle East, Central, East and South-East Asia.

Selected Publications

Chichagov V.P. Chichagova O.A. Golyeva AA Prudnikova TN, Anthropogenic conversion of arid regions. M.: IGRAN, Geomorfologicheskay komissia RAN, 2011, 371 p. (in Russian)

Chichagov V.P. Arid geomorphology. Platform anthropogenic plain. M.:

Nauka, Mir, 2010, 520 p. (in Russian)

Chichagov V.P. The history of the seasonally dry tropics of the Southeast Asia. M.: IGRAN, 2009, 152 p. (in Russian)

Chichagov V.P. Arid plains of north-west Africa. M.: IGRAN. 2008. 172 p. (in Russian)

Chichagov V.P. The war and the desert. M.: IGRAN, 2007, 104 p. (in Russian)

Chichagov V.P. Golyeva AA, OA Chichagova The dynamics of the natural environment of The North-West Kalmykia in connection with changes in the level of the Caspian Sea and anthropogenic loads in the second half of the Holocene.

//M.: Izvestiya, RAN. Ser.geograficheskay, N.2, Nauka, 2006, p.p. 49-62 (in Russian)

Chichagov V.P. Bronguleev V.V., Timofeev D.A., Geomorphologic modes – principles of Analysis // Geomorphologic Mechanisms of Eurasia. 2006. M: Media-PRESS, p.p. 15-25 (in Russian)

Chichagov V.P. Geomorphologic regimes of Southeast Asia // Geomorphologic Mechanisms of Eurasia. 2006. M: Media-PRESS, p.p. 328-355 (in Russian)

Chichagov V.P. The South-East Asia plane formations evolution. M.: IGRAN, 2000, 206 p. (in Russian)

Chichagov V.P.  The East Mongolia eolian relief. M.: IGRAN, 1999, 269 p. (in Russian)

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