Chepurnaya Anna

Scientific Researcher
a_che [at]
Glaciology Department

Selected Publications

  1. Chepurnaya A., Novenko E. “Vegetation and climate dynamics in the Central and Easten Europe (paleoenvironment reconstruction over the latitudinul transect)”; 7th European Paleobotany-Palynology Conference, Prague, 2006, p.25.
  2. Novenko E.Yu., Faustova M.A., Chepurnaya A.A. Environment dynamics in the latest phases of the Eemian (Mikulino) Interglacial in the central and north-western of the East European Plain. // Proceedings The Quaternary of Western Lithuania: from the Pleistocene Glaciations to the Evolution of the Baltic Sea, May 27 – June 02, 2007, Plateliai, Lithuania, p.61-63.
  3. Chepurnaya A.A. Estimated migration rates for broadleaved species during Mikulino interglacial within the forest zone limits on the East European Plain (based on palynological data) // Man and environment in boreal forest zone: past, present and future. Proceedings of the International Conference. Central Forest State Natural Biosphere Reserve. 2008. P. 31-32