Nagirnaya Anastasia

Scientific Researcher
anastassia_n [at]
Laboratory of Geography of World Development

Research interests

Spatial disparities of global informatization process; diffusion of information and communication technologies (ICT); ICT markets; geography of the world telecommunications system traffic-flows; organization of the global information and communicative space.

Selected Publications

Nagirnaya А. 2012. Global Internet geography. Geografiya v shkole. N 10.

Nagirnaya А. 2011. Competition between new and old ICTs by the example of fixed and mobile telephonies. Sovremennyie problem obshestvennoy geografii. Moscow. P. 338—350.

Nagirnaya А. 2011. Internet: the results of 20-years diffusion. Geografiya: nauka, metodika, practica: international scientific and methodological conference' book of abstracts.. Moscow. P. 96—99.

Nagirnaya А. 2009. Geography of the global information society development. Geografiya v shkole. N 9. P. 8—13.

Nagirnaya А. 2009. Socioeconomic and geographical features of the global information society development.  Mir i Rossiya: regionalizm v usloviyah globalizatsii. Materialy II mezhdunarodniy nauchno-prakticheskoy konferentsii. Moscow. P 55—63.

Nagirnaya А. 2008. Countries typology by the level of e-readinness and enabling environment for information society development. Transformatsiya rossiskogo prostranstva: sotsialno-economicheskie i prirodno-resursnye faktory (polimasshtabnyi analiz). Moscow. P. 67—79.

Nagirnaya А. 2008. Transformation of international labor division under the influence of global information society development. Problemy rozvitku nauk pro Zemlyu v bachenni molodyh naukovtsiv: Materialy mizhnarodnoi naukovoi konferentsii. Kiev. P. 124-126.

Nagirnaya А. 2007. Global information society: conceprt, socioeconomic and geographical features of development. Unasledovannye sotsialno-economicheskie struktury i perehod k postindustrialnomu obshestvu. Moscow. P. 43—58.