Herzen Andrew

Scientific Researcher
andrulea [at] mail.ru
Laboratory of Geopolitical Studies

Research interests

Political geography, administrative-territorial division, regional geography, regionalism, urban geography, historical geography, place-name study, ethnic geography, recreational geography, tourism, natural and cultural heritage, cartography.

Study areas: Northern Eurasia, Central Europe, Post-Soviet states, Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Rumania etc.

Member of the Russian Geographical Society (since 2000), member of the Council, head of the Recreational Geography and Tourism Committee, member of the Bureau of Place-name (Toponimic) Committee of the Russian Geographical Society, Moscow Centre, head of the Association of Guides, Lectors and Translators of the Republic of Moldova.

Selected Publications

Herzen A.A., 2012. Moldavia, Transdniestria // Twenty Years of Divided Unity: Expedition Notes. – Smolensk: Oykumena, 2012.

Herzen A.A., Bulanov S.A. and others, 2012. Volga – the Main Russian Street. Russian Geographical Society Project // MC RGS, IG RAS. Saint-Petersburg–Moscow, 2012.


Kolossov V.A., Herzen A.A., Zotova M.V., 2011. Russian-Ukrainian Frontier. A Series of Maps // Russian-Ukrainian Frontier: Twenty Years of Divided Unity / Responsible editors: V.A. Kolossov and O.I. Vendina. – Moscow : Novy Khronograf, 2011.

Kolossov V.A., Herzen A.A., Zotova M.V., 2010. Frontier Regions. A Series of Maps // Atlas of Social-Economic Development of Russia – Moscow: PKO «Kartografiya», 2010.

Herzen A.A., 2010. Evolution of Administrative-Territorial Division of Moldavia. Dissertation (Thesis) for the Degree of Candidate of Geographical Sciences (PhD, Geography); Abstract of dissertation (Thesis) for the Degree of Candidate of Geographical Sciences (PhD, Geography) – Moscow, 2010.

Hertsen A.A., 2010. Administrative-Territorial Division of Moldavia in the Context of Historical-Geographical Studies of Carpathian-Dniester Region // Izvestiya Rossiyskoy Akademii Nauk. Seriya Geograficheskaya. – Moscow, 2010. № 2.

Ageyeva R.A., Herzen A.A., 2009. Problems of Geography / Russian Geographical Society Moscow Centre ; Institute of Geography of RAS ; M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Geographical Faculty. – Moscow : Nauka, 1946– . Vol. 132 : Modern Place-Name Study / Responsible editor A.V. Barandeev [comp. by R.A. Ageyeva, A.A. Herzen]. –  2009. – 406 p.: ill., maps. – ISBN 978-5-02-036942-9 (in cloth).

Herzen A.A., 2008. Theoretical Bases of Political Regional Study and Geography of Administrative-Territorial Division / Transformation of Russian Territory – Social-Economic and Natural Resources Factors. – Moscow: IG RAN, 2008.

Herzen A.A., Konstantinova T.S., Tishkov A.A., Belonovskaya E.A., 2008. International Conference «Natural and Cultural Heritage of Carpathian-Dniester Region: current status and human-induced changes» // Izvestiya Rossiyskoy Akademii Nauk. Seriya Geograficheskaya. – Moscow, 2008. № 6.

Herzen A.A., 2007. Administrative-Territorial Unity as a Geographical Object // Collection of Scientific Works of the Geographical Faculty in 2006. – Moscow: MPGU, 2007.

Herzen A.A., 2006. Clusters of Political Regionalism // The Spatial Organization of the Economy: TPC or Clusters? Responsible editor Yu.G. Lipets. – Moscow: IG RAN, 2006.

Herzen A.A., 2006.  Problems of Administrative-Territorial Structure of Modern Moldavia // Academician Leo Berg – 130: Collection of Scientific Articles. – Bendery: Eco-TIRAS, 2006. http://www.eco-tiras.org/docs/Berg-book.pdf

Herzen A.A., 2005. Aspects of the Tourism Potential of Moldavia // Organic Agriculture, Agrotourism and Genetically Modified Organisms: Polish Experience for Moldova. – Proceedings of International Conference. Chisinau (Kishinev), October 29, 2005. Chisinau (Kishinev): Eco-TIRAS, 2005. http://www.eco-tiras.org/conf-materials.html

Herzen A.A., 2005. Natural and Cultural Heritage as One of the Most Important Geographical Phenomenon // Revue of Ethnography, № 1. – Chisinau (Kishinev), Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of RM, 2005.

Gudim A., Agarcova L., Roscovan M., Sobcovschi T., Selari G., Herzen A. 2004. Concept of Sustainable Urban Development of the Republic of Moldova / UNDP Project “Mesmerizing Moldova” // Centre for Strategic Studies and Reforms. Chisinau (Kishinev), 2004. http://www.cisr-md.org/pdf/Concept%20Paper_en_web.pdf

Herzen A.A., 2004, 2007. Tourist Map of Moldavia (in Three Langages: Moldavian, Russian and English). – Kishinev: INGEOCAD, 2004; Ed. 2. – Kishinev: INGEOCAD, 2007.

Herzen A.A., 2003. Moldavian Toponimy as a Part of Cultural Heritage // Vremya, № 30. – Kishinev, 2003.

Herzen A.A., 2002. New Administrative structure of Moldavia // Geographiya, № 17 (648). – Moscow, 2002. http://geo.1september.ru/2002/17/4.htm

Herzen A.A., 2002. The Names of Moldavian Capitals // Geographiya v shkole, № 2. – Moscow, 2002.

Herzen A.A., 2001. Will Moldavia Become a Federation? // Geographiya, № 20 (603). – Moscow, 2001.


Articles and parts of articles: Buzeu, Bucharest, Byrlad, Vasluy, Galats, Greece, Deva, Giurgiu, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Drobeta-Turnu-Severin, Drogobych, Druzhkovka, Druskininkay, Dushanbe, Evlah, Evpatoria, Elgava, Enakievo, Yerevan, Zhitomir, Zhlobin, Zhodino, Zalau, Zaporozhye, Zarafshan, Kaunas, Kerch, Kishinev, Kramatorsk, Kremenchug, Moldavia, Orgeev // Great Russian Encyclopedia in 30 vol. Head of Editorial Board Yu.S. Osipov. Responsible Editor S.L. Kravets. Vol. 4–20 –… – Moscow: Bolshaya Rossiyskaya Encyclopaedia, 2006–2012–…

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