Vlasova Tatiana

Senior Research Scientist
tatiana.vlsv [at] gmail.com
Qualification and  professional experience
In 1974 graduated from the geographical department of Moscow State University receiving specialization  in physical geography

In 1983  received the Ph.D. in  socio-economic and political geography

Since 2005 – leader of the national project of the Russian Federation for the creation of an Integrated Arctic Socially-Oriented System of  observations (IASOS)

In 2007 she was awarded a diploma of the Russian Academy of Sciences for many years of hard work, practical contribution to basic scientific research

Since 2008 - Member of the Management Committee of the Commission "Environment of the North" of the International Geographical Union, and from 2012 - co-chairs of the commission.

2009-Received the Certificate of Appreciation from the International Council of Scientific Unions and World Meteorological Organization for valuable contribution to IPY 2007-2008 success

In 2010, she received a letter of acknowledgement  from and Advisor to the President and the Special Representative of the President for international cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic for a contribution to the Russian program of research  in the International Polar Year 2007/2008

Since 2011 - Member of the International Arctic Social Sciences Association, which is an observer of the Arctic Council

Since 2012 - Member of the Steering Committee of the Arctic Council project "Arctic Resilience Report ".

International Geographical Union Cold Regions Environments Commission Co-Chair, Russia

International Arctic Social Science Association (IASSA) Council Member: web

Main directions of scientific activities

Socially-oriented observations of the quality of life and human capacities of the North;

Development of approaches, tools and methods to create Integral Arctic Socially-Oriented  Systems of observations(IASOS);

Development of a methodology to assess the resilience of complex social-ecological systems in the Arctic;

Evaluate climate changes and human impacts on the socio-ecological systems;

Development tools for resilience and  sustainability assessment on the base of trans-disciplinary science and traditional/local knowledge integration;

Implementing case studies in different socio-ecological systems of the Arctic:  agricultural and food security, reindeer herding, wildlife and traditional economy, urban, etc.

Selected Publications


Vlasova T.K. 2011.Experience and perspectives of  international interdisciplinary  social-oriented work in the Arctic / Materials to the International Arctic Legal Forum: "Conservation and sustainable development of the Arctic: the legal aspects." 26-29 October 2011, Salekhard, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District / Ed. G.D Olejnik and others/ - Moscow: People's Friendship University, 2011. - 272. P.42-46 (In Russian).

Vlasova T., Hofgaard A.. 2011. Prospects for circumpolar system of socially-oriented observations construction based on the results of the International Polar Year “PPS Arctic” and IASOS projects. In: Problems of Health and Social Development in the Russian Arctic. Series: Contribution of Russia to the International Polar Year. Moscow-Saint-Petersburg. Paulsen. 2011. P.226-240. (In Russian with abstract in English).

Vlasova T.K. 2011. The integral role of the Arctic Social-oriented Monitoring the quality of life and human capital in the innovation development of the Arctic / / Innovation as a factor of sustainable development in the Arctic / Materials to the International Scientific Conference. Salekhard. 2011. Pp. 234-238.(In Russian).

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Tatiana Vlasova and Andrey N. Petrov. 2010. Migration and socio-economic well-being in the Russian North: interrelations, regional differentiation, recent trends and emerging issues. In: Migration in the Circumpolar North: issues and contexts/Lee Huskey and Chris Southcott, edited/ © 2010 CCI Press in cooperation with the University of the Arctic. ISSN 0068-0303 ISBN-13 978-1-896445-48-9 Softcover and. Publisher-Canadian Circumpolar Institute Press, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Chapter 9. pp. 2010. 163-193.

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Vlasova, T.K.2009. Experience in developing approaches and methods for socially-oriented observations of the North: the integration of interdisciplinary science and public opinion.  In: book " Russian Northern Innovation Strategy. Social development of northern regions” (Ed. Academician RAS V.A.Chereshnev, chairman of the State Duma Committee

on Science and High Technology)/ Materials of the V Northern social and environmental congress Moscow, April, 21-22, 2009. Moscow. 2009: 67-79. (in Russian)


Vlasova T.K. 2006. Arctic residents’ observation and human impact assessments in understanding environmental changes in boreal forests: Russian experience and circumpolar perspectives Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change (2006). Springer. 2006. Vol. 11. P. 897-909.


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