Mergelov Nikita

Research Scientist
mergelov [at]
Department of Soil Geography and Evolution

Research interests

Diversity and geography of soils and soil-like bodies in Antarctica; organo-mineral interactions under extreme conditions; endolithic and hypolithic communities; soil carbon stocks, dynamics and migration; pyrogenic transformation of soils and soil cover


Selected Publications

Mergelov, N.S., Shorkunov, I.G., Targulian, V.O., Dolgikh, A.V., Abrosimov, K.N., Zazovskaya, E.P., & Goryachkin, S.V. Soil-like Patterns Inside the Rocks: Structure, Genesis, and Research Techniques. In: Biogenic-Abiogenic Interactions in Natural and Anthropogenic Systems. Springer International Publishing, 2016. P. 205-222.

Mergelov N.S., Konyushkov D.E., Lupachev A.V., Goryachkin S.V. Soils of MacRobertson Land. In: The Soils of Antarctica. Springer International Publishing, 2015. P. 65-86.

Dolgikh A.V., Mergelov N.S., Abramov A.A., Lupachev A.V., Goryachkin S.V. Soils of Enderby Land. In: The Soils of Antarctica. Springer International Publishing, 2015. P. 45-63.

Kudinova, A. G., Lysak, L. V., Soina, V. S., Mergelov, N. S., Dolgikh, A. V., & Shorkunov, I. G.  Bacterial communities in the soils of cryptogamic barrens of East Antarctica (the Larsemann Hills and Thala Hills oases). Eurasian Soil Science, 2015. 48(3). P. 276-287.

Mergelov, N. S. Soils of wet valleys in the Larsemann Hills and Vestfold Hills oases (Princess Elizabeth Land, East Antarctica). Eurasian soil science, 2014. 47(9). P. 845-862.

Megan R. Balks, Jerónimo López-Martínez, Sergey V. Goryachkin, Nikita S. Mergelov, Carlos E.G.R. Schaefer, Felipe N.B. Simas, Peter C. Almond, Graeme G. C. Claridge, Malcolm McLeod, and Joshua Scarrow Windows on Antarctic soil landscape relationships: comparison across selected regions of Antarctica. In: Hambrey, M. J., Barker, P. F., Barrett, P. J., Bowman, V., Davies, B., Smellie, J. L. & Tranter, M. (eds). Antarctic Palaeoenvironments and Earth-Surface Processes. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 381, The Geological Society of London 2013. P. 397-410.

Mergelov, N. S., Goryachkin, S. V., Shorkunov, I. G., Zazovskaya, E. P., & Cherkinsky, A. E. Endolithic pedogenesis and rock varnish on massive crystalline rocks in East Antarctica. Eurasian Soil Science, 2012. 45(10). P. 901-917.

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Vodyanitskii, Y. N., Mergelov, N. S., & Goryachkin, S. V. Diagnostics of gleyzation upon a low content of iron oxides (Using the example of tundra soils in the Kolyma Lowland). Eurasian Soil Science, 2008. 41(3). P. 231-248.