Morozova Tatiana Dmitrievna

scientific consultant
paleo_igras [at]
Department of Quaternary Research

Research interests

Quaternary paleogeography, paleopedology. Study area: East European Plain

Selected Publications

Velichko A.A., Morozova T.D, Borisova O.K., Timireva S.N, Semenov V.V, Kononov Yu.M., Titov V.V., Tesakov A.S., Konstantinov E.A., Kurbanov R.N. 2012. Development of the steppe zone in southern Russia based on the reconstruction from the loess-soil formation in the Don-Azov Region. Doklady Earth Sciences. Volume 445, Issue 2. Pp. 999-1002.

Tursina T.V., Morozova T.D.  2011. Major stages of the development of soil micromorphology in Russia. Eurasian Soil Science, Volume 44, Issue 7. Pp. 809-823.

Velichko A.A., Morozova T.D. 2010. Basic features of Late Pleistocene soil formation in the East European Plain and their paleogeographic Interpretation. Eurasian Soil Science, vol. 93, № 13. Pp. 1-12.

Velichko A.A., Catto N.R., Kononov Yu.M., Morozova T.D., Novenko E.Yu., Panin P.G., Ryskov Ya.G., Semenov V.V., Timireva S.N., Titov V.V., Tesakov A.S. 2009. Progressively cooler, drier interglacials in southern Russia through the Quaternary: Evidence from the Sea of Azov region. Quaternary International, Volume 198, Issues 1-2. Pp. 204-219.

Chizhikova N.P., Morozova T.D., Panin P.G. 2007. Mineralogical composition of the clay fraction and micromorphology of the Middle and Late Pleistocene loesses and paleosols in the center of the East European Plain. Eurasian Soil Science, Volume 40, Issue 12. Pp. 1343-1354.

Rutter N.W., Velichko A.A., Dlussky K.G., Morozova T.D., Little E.C., Nechaev V.P., Evans M.E. 2006. New insights on the loess/paleosol Quaternary Stratigraphy from key sections in the U.S. Midwest. Catena, 67, 15-34.

Velichko A.A., Morozova T.D., Nechaev V.P., Rutter N.W., Dlussky K.G., Little E.C., Catto N.R., Semenov V.V., Evans M.E. 2006. Loess/paleosol/cryogenic formation and structure near the northern limit of loess deposition, East European Plain, Russia. Quaternary International, vol.152-153. Pp. 14-30.

Velichko A.A., Semenov V.V., Pospelova G.A., Morozova T.D., Nechaev V.P., Gribchenko Yu.N., Dlussky K.G., Rutter N., Catto N., Little E. 2006. The Matuyama-Brunhes polarity boundary recorded in the loess-glacial formation on the East European Plain. Quaternary International, vol.152-153, p. 94-102.

Velichko A.A., Morozova T.D. 2005. Evolution of soil formation in Pleistocene. Many-sided Geography. Development of ideas of Innokentiy Petrovich Gerasimov (on the occasion of the Centenary of the Birth). KMK Scientific Press Ltd. Moscow. Pp. 65-75.

Morozova T.D. 1981. Soils cover development of Europe in the late Pleistocene. M.: Nauka. 282 p.