Drenova Anna

Research Associate
paleo_igras [at] mail.ru
Department of Quaternary Research

Research interests

The study of ancient continental dunes, formed in the late Pleistocene and Holocene within the periglacial zone of the East European Plain

Selected Publications

Drenova A.N. 2011. Ancient continental dunes in the upper basin of the Volga: orientation, texture, grain size // Geomorfologiya, pp.37-47 (In Russian)

Drenova A.N. 2006. Activation of fixed dune massifs: cause and probability of renewal. //“Quaternary International” Vol. 152/153, pp. 175-180

Drenova A.N. 2005. The time and cause of secondary dunes formation in the Oka-Klyasminskoye interfluves // Izv. RAN ser. geograficheskaya, vol.6, pp.69-76. (In Russian)

Drenova A.N. 2002. Climate changes in East Europe and Siberia at the late glacial Holocene transition. // “Quaternary International”, Vol. 91, pp. 75-99. Contributors: N.Catto, A.Velichko, V.Klimanov, V.Necyaev.

Drenova A.N. 2002. Loess and parabolic dunes as diachronic periglacial phenomena // Puti evolyutsionnoy geografii (itogi i perspektivy). Institut geografii RAN, M., pp.107-126. Contributors: Velichko A.A., Gribchenko Ju.N., Timireva S.N. (In Russian)

Drenova A.N. 2000. Dune formation as an indicator of the natural processes of periglacial zone of the East European Plain (for example, the Oka and Klyazma interfluves) // Abstract for the degree of candidate of geographical sciences. Moscow, 22 p. (In Russian)

Drenova A.N. 1998. Reconstruction of regime of dune-forming winds on the Russian plain in the Late glacial // Ekosistemnyye perestroyki i evolyutsiya biosfery. Vyp. 3, Paleontologicheskiy institut RAN, Moskva, pp. 126-131. (In Russian)

Drenova A.N. 1997. Late glacial dune-building in the Russian plain. // Quaternary International, Vol. 41/42, p.59-66. Contributors: Timireva S.N., Chikolini N.I.

Drenova A.N. 1997. Key section Pushkari-Leskonogi. // Lessovo-pochvennaya formatsiya Vostochno-Yevropeyskoy ravniny. Institut geografii RAN, Moskva, pp. 43-59. Contributors: AA Velichko, Gribchenko N., Morozova, TD, SN Timireva (In Russian)

Drenova A.N. 1994. The processes of formation of dunes in the late Pleistocene and Holocene // Sb. Korotkoperiodnyye i rezkiye lan6dshaftno-klimaticheskiye izmeneniya za posledniye 15000 let. Izd. Instituta geografii RAN, Moskva, pp.104-112. (In Russian)

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