Morozova Polina

Scientific Researcher
+7 (499) 129-04-74
morozova_polina [at]
Laboratory of Climatology

Research interests

Paleoclimatology, modeling of permafrost; mesoscale modeling, mountain climatology

Selected Publications

  • О.О. Rybak, Е.А. Rybak, S.S. Kutuzov, I.I. Lavrentiev, P.А. Morozova. 2015. Calibration of a mathematical model of Marukh Glacier, Western Caucasus. Ice and snow. № 2 (130), р. 9-20.
  • V.V. Popova, P.А. Morozova, T.B. Titkova, V.A. Semenov, E.A. Cherenkova, A.V. Shiryaeva, L.M. Kitaev. 2015. Regional features of present winter snow accumulation variability in the North Eurasia from data of observations, reanalysis and satellites. Ice and snow. № 4 (130), р. 73-86).
  • A roadmap for Antarctic and Southern Ocean science for the next two decades and beyond M.C. KENNICUTT II et al. 2014. Antarctic Science. V.27, №1, pp. 3-18. doi:10.1017/S09541020140006.
  • Popova V.V., Shiryyaeva A.V., Morozova P.А. 2014. Snow cover onset dates in the north of Eurasia: relations and feedback to the macro-scale atmospheric circulation. Ice and snow. №3, p. 39-49.
  • Morozova P.А. 2014. Scandinavian ice sheet influence on the climate of East European Plain (based on the results of the numerical climate modeling PMIP II). Ice and snow. №1, p. 113-124.
  • Kislov A.V., Morozova P.А. 2012. Stochastic analysis of mountain glacier dynamics», Vestnik MSU, Ser. 5. Geography. №4, p. 9-13.
  • Toropov P.A., Morozova P.А. 2011. Evaluation of the Caspian Sea level fluctuations during the Late Pleistocene cryochrone epoch based on the results of the numerical climate modeling . Vestnik MSU. Ser. 5. Geography. №2, p.55-61.
  • Borzenkova А., Bychkova V., Korneva I., Morozova P. , Partola V.,Toropov P., Chayka А. 2009.Field researches of Novorossyisk bora. - Meteospectr. №2. p.64-71.