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IGU Thematic Conference dedicated to the centennial of the Institute of Geography of Russian Academy of Sciences

Рractical geography and XXI century challenges

Moscow, 4-6 June 2018

The conference which will be held under the auspices of the International Geographical Union (IGU) is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Institute of Geography of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) - the largest world-renowned geographical research organization in Russia. This occasion provides an opportunity to make an overview of the domestic and international trends in geography’s development to analyze the growing impact of scientific research internationalization, the aggravation of global problems, changing theoretical paradigms, radical renewal of research methods and predictions’ validity, as well as to strengthen the integration between social and environmental branches of geography.

In addition to fundamental research, Institute of Geography has been closely associated with practical demands aimed at solving urgent national issues related to its research agenda. Its stuff actively participated in the development and examination of territorial concepts, laws and norms regulating environmental protection and large-scale economic programs. Therefore, the main task of the conference is to sum up Russian and international experience in practically oriented research in the fields of social and environmental geography meeting the diverse and critical challenges of the XXI century.

Being the leading geographical scientific institution in Russia, the Institute of Geography RAS has always played a significant role in scientific cooperation between Russian (Soviet) geographers and foreign scholars. Institute of Geography staff have regularly participated in major international programs and projects, while the Russian National Committee of IGU functions in the framework of the Institute. Renowned geographers from the Institute have been repeatedly elected as IGU Commissions’ Chairs and members and Vice-Presidents of IGU. One of the most well-known was the untimely deceased corresponding member of RAS, IGU Vice-President (2000-2005) Nikita F. Glazovsky. The present conference is also dedicated to him and his scientific legacy.


  1. 100 years of Russian geography Institute of Geography RAS: contribution to national and international geographic knowledge, history and people.
    Russian geography – practical work: past, present, and future.
    N. F. Glazovsky: scientific career and legacy.

  2. Environmental challenges Climate change: environmental security, vulnerability and adaptability of territorial systems.
    Water use and the reducing of hazardous hydrological phenomena risks.
    Geochemical processes of natural and anthropogenic substances transfer.
    The geographical basis for the creation of the territorial environmental framework: multi-scale analysis and harmonization.

  3. Socio-environmental challenges Natural capital as a strategic resource for territory’s sustainable development.
    The geographic dimensions of environmental security.
    Natural and social disasters: the role in the shaping of the modern environment.
    Natural-like technologies and geoecology.
    Mapping and monitoring environmental and social changes.
    Protecting and restoring natural and cultural landscapes.
    Heritage as a factor for sustainable development.

  4. Social challenges Sustainable urban development: experiences and evaluation methods.
    The mobility of the population andeconomy: limits and constraints.
    Geographical scenarios and forecasts: reliability and alternativeness.
    The role of geography in the strategic environmental assessment.

  5. Geopolitical challenges The creating of institutions and instruments for international cooperation: a multi-scale approach.
    The geopolitical consequences of environmental and climate changes.
    Geography for international law: the role of geographical research in development of global and regional standards for environmental management.

  6. Technological challenges Remote sensing and spatial analysis.
    Bigdatainthe fundamental and applied geographical research.
    Mathematical models and system for decision-makingsupport.

  7. Informational challenges The dissemination of geographic knowledge: geographical journalism in the information society.
    Geographical science on television and in the Internet.
    The initiative "International Year of Global Understanding" and its preliminary results.
    The experience of geographical societies in the promotion of geographical knowledge.

  8. Challenges to geographical education Geographical knowledge and competencies required by graduates of the XXI century.
    Academic geography for middle school: new programs and textbooks.
    New International Charter on Geographical Education and best global practices geography teaching.
    The contribution of geographical education to global understanding.

Call for Session Proposals

Local Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the call for session proposals for the IGU Thematic Conference to be held in Moscow, Russia on 04-06 June 2018. Sessions could be organized by IGU commissions or group of scholars on relevant interdisciplinary themes. The deadline for submitting your session proposals is 1 November 2017. Please download the submission form here. You can also download the List of accepted sessions (pdf)

Important dates

01 December 2017
01 November 2017
— deadline for sessions submission; opening of registration and abstracts submission
15 January 2018 — deadline for abstracts submission
20 February 2018 — decision on paper acceptance; early bird registration opens
15 April 2018 — preliminary programme published
20 April 2018 — early bird registration closes
04 June 2018 — сonference «Practical geography and XXI century challenges»

Conference venue

The conference will be held in the buildings of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow’s historical center near the Moskva-river.

Registration fees

Early bird, RUB /USD* Standard, RUB/USD* One-day, RUB/USD*
before 20 April 2018 after 21 April 2018
Regular 250 300 160
Young scientists 150 200 120
Accompanying persons 120 120 100

Registration fee includes:

  1. participation in the conference;
  2. a conference badge;
  3. conferen ceprogram, a USB with conference materials, a pen and writing pad;
  4. coffee breaks and lunches;
  5. participation in a bus tour around Moscow.

Registration fee for an accompanying person includes a conference badge, coffee breaks and lunches, participation in a bus tour around Moscow.


The conference program includes scientific two-hour bus tour around Moscow.
For an extra charge conference participants, may also take part in a two-day tour around the cities of the Russian Golden Ring and St. Petersburg on June 7-8.


Scientific Secretary of the Conference: Alexander Sebentsov, PhD
119017, Moscow, Staromonetny pereulok, 29. Institute of geography RAS